Android 9.0 P for Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus : Release and Features

Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are the 2017 flagship phones from Samsung and currently running on Android 8.0 Oreo in most regions. The upcoming big update for these flagships is Android 9.0 Pie.

Android p galaxy s8 plus

Android P is arrived as Developer Preview 1 in March 2018, with many awesome features like Wi-Fi RTT, Markup Editor, Neural Network API 1.1 and so on. Later, the Search Giant pushedout the DP2 cum first Beta at Google I/O in May. In the second preview, new features like Gesture Interface and many user interface improvements arrived.

Later in June, the DP2 was released and on July 2nd, the Beta 3 cum DP4 arrived. Major refinements in these previews are final APIs, new Back button, new navigation style, changes to UI and lockscreen and some bug fixes.

The last preview with final system behaviours arrived in 25th July and is very near to the final version. Later, on August 6th, the Search Giant released the official version of Android 9 with the codename of Pie which is sweet and simple. Previously, the Android 9.0 update is codenamed internally as Pistachio Ice Cream. Till now the rollout begins for Pixel, Pixel 2 and Essential devices.

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When will Android Pie reach Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus ?

Earlier, the South Korean tech giant launched the Oreo Beta program in November, first in its home country and later in the US too. In the part of the program, Samsung rolledout many Oreo betas for registed Galaxy S8 users. But this time, the program might be restricted to Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus.

So the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus may have to wait some time to taste the latest flavour of Android. Most probably, Samsung may begin the rollout of Android 9.0 Pie for Galaxy S8 in South Korea and the US in Q1 of 2019, according to our estimates. In the remaining regions the rollout may take place in Q2 of 2019. The official rollout dates of the update will be revealed in coming days.

New Features Coming with Android Pie update :

The key features of stock version of Android Pie are Gesture-based interface, New Media Voume sliders and icons, revamped Messaging style, New Back button, UI improvements, Wi-Fi RTT, Adaptive Battery and many more. Now we review the key features one by one :

1. Gesture-based User Interface

Android p gesture interface galaxy s8

In the Android P, Google totally revamped the interface and removed the app previews button. The shape of the Home button changed to pill shape, to access app previews, Galaxy S8 users swipe up on home button, then horizontal app previews will be displayed. Users can multitask easily by using Gestures, swipe right or left on the home button to switch between apps.
Editor’s Pick : Android Pie is coming soon for Galaxy S9 and Note 8

The back button also disappears when not in use, only when necessary inside apps, the button appears. The shape of the button changed to chevron from Triangle. So Android P totally revamps the user experience with its Gesture-based Interface.

2. Wi-Fi Round Trip Time

Android p wi rtt

Android P makes navigation inside large buildings easy with the using Wi-FI RTT. By using the IEEE 802.11mc Wi-Fi protocol, android devices can determine the distance of the device from the Wireless APs within a couple metres. So indoor navigation becomes easier with this feature. The probable applications of Wi-Fi RTT are smart Voice commands, automation etc. More details about the feature will be revealed in coming days.

3. Adaptive Battery

Android p adaptive battery galaxy s8

Adaptive Battery is one of the great improvements to battery life with the update. The VP of Android Engineering, Dave Burke claimed at Google I/O, the feature saves upto 30 percent battery juice. The feature uses On-Device Machine learning to save battery juice.

The Adaptive Battery feature finds out which apps user is going to use in coming hours, based on the user’s behaviour and disables the remaining apps and services. So CPU wake-up calls are reduced massively and henceforth the battery drain too. The feature might get improved further in upcoming android preview and final release.

4. User Interface changes

Android P galaxy s8 user interface

In the DP4, Google totally revamped the UI icons, removing the background fill. So icons in Quick Settings toggles, Media Volume icons appear with a fresh look. In the Settings Menu also, background fill of some icons has removed. Google also added a Keyboard switch to the nav bar in DP4, so while typing, users can easily switch between different keyboards. The Keyboard switch button appears in the place where the App Previews button was present.

Update on 25/7/2018 :

The last preview of Android P arrived today and the Factory images are available for Google Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2 and Pixel XL devices. The registered Pixel owners should receive the OTA notification in coming hours. The DP5 is very stable and near to the public release of Android P. Along with Pixel users, Xperia XZ2, Nokia 8 Sirocco and some other flagship users will also receive the DP5 in coming days as part of the Beta program.

According to Dave Burke, the final release of Android P is very near and he also suggested app developers to make thier apps ready for Android 9.0 P. Most probably the final version Android P arrive in early or mid-August rather than late-August.

Update on 6/8/2018 :

android pie samsung galaxy

Google pushed out the Android 9 Pie official version to AOSP and Pixel 2 and Pixel devices started receiving the update. The partner devices like Xperia XZ2, Nokia 8 Sirocco and 7 Plus will get the update very soon. Along with the Pixel flagships, Essential Phone users also receiving the update. The Search Giant announces the codename of the update as ‘Pie’ and version number as 9.

Digital Well Being and App Slices features are absent in the current rollout, however Pixel users can signup for the Beta version of Digital Wellbeing and both features will hit Pixel devices in the end of fall. The final version is very similar to the final preview and no major changes have been noticed at the moment.

We will update this post soon with more details about Android P update for Galaxy S8.

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