Android 9.0 P for Galaxy S9 and Note 8 : Features and Release

Galaxy Note 8 is launched with Android 7.1.1 Nougat in September 2017 and later received the Android 8.0 Oreo update. The next big update for Note 8 devices is Android 9.0 P.

Samsung launched the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus flagships in February 2018 with pre-installed Android Oreo. The first major update coming for these flagahips is Android 9.0 P.

Android 9.0 P is currently in development stage and the final release is scheduled for Q3 of 2018. Most probably in late-August, the Search Giant is going to pushout the Android P update, according to tech analysts.

Google released the first developer preview in March 9th and later launched the DP2 aka Beta 1 at Google I/O in May. In June, the third preview came and on July 2nd, the fourth preview arrived.

When will Galaxy Note 8 receive the Android P update

Galaxy Note 8 previously received the Android Oreo update in March and April in North American countries and in the UK the rollout started in May 2018. So the Samsung may start the development of Android P update in November 2018 and rollout may begin Q2 of 2019. The Note 8 users in the US and Canada may receive the update first followed by European countries.

When will Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus receive the Android P update

Samsung started the Oreo Beta program for Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus in late-November 2017, so this time the Android P Beta program for Galaxy S9 series may begin in October or November 2018. Final rollout may begin for S9 and S9 Plus in Q1 of 2019 in the US and South Korea.

Now we will roundup the features of the Android P update coming to Galaxy Note 8 and S9.

Android 9.0 P Exclusive Features

Google introduced many new features like Gesture based interface, Digital wellbeing, app actions and many more with the Android 9.0 update.

1. Gesture based Interface

Android p navigation

Apple introduced the gesture based navigation with iPhone X and now Google brings to Android users with Android P Beta. In the navigation bar, only small pill-shaped home button is present with no multi-task button in Android 9.0. The back button will be displayed only when necessary.

To access the recent apps, Galaxy S9 and Note 8 users just swipe up on the home button. In the app overview screen, a search bar also appears. When the user swipe up twice on the home screen, all apps list will be displayed. To switch easily between apps, user swipe left or right to initiate Quick Scrub Gesture.

2. Screenshot Editor

Android p markup editor

With Android P, Google brings the native editor for editing screenshots easily. The Markup editor is an awesome way to crop screenshots and add details to them. After taking any screenshot, a dailog box Edit option appears.

On tapping the Edit option, Galaxy S9 users can open the Markup Editor. In the editor, using Pen option in seven colors users can add necessary details and also crop the screenshot by drogging the edges. Highligher option can be used to highlight any objects or text in the screenshot. There are redo and undo options, so user can revert changes.

3. Auto-Rotate Button

The Autorotate button is added to Navigation bar in the DP4 of Android P. When the user rotates the device to landscape, the autorotate button will appear in Navigation bar, when the user taps on the button, screen will also rotate to landscape.

So without reaching for Quick Settings toggles, user can easily rotate the screen through the rotate button in Navbar. To rotate the screen to potrait, user touch on the button again or exit the app using.

4. Apps will use HTTPS only

Till Android 8.1 Oreo, apps for android have option to use either HTTP or HTTPS to send or receive data over Internet. With Android P, all android apps should only use new HTTPS to transfer data which is far more secure than old HTTP. Becuase of encryption of data using HTTPS, safety will be ensured of user’s data transferred to app’s server.

5. Smart Replies to Messages

Android p smart replies galaxy note 8

In Android 9.0 P, Google totally revamped the message notifications style. When any new message with a picture arrives in Google+, Whatsapp or other Social apps, a notification with a small preview of the picture appears. So user can easily check necessary notifications only.

Smart replies appear below the notification, so that user can give a quick reply to messages without opening the app. Using on-device machine learning, Android P suggest replies, according to user’s behaviour.

Update on 27/7/2018 :

On July 25th, the Search Giant pushed out the Beta 4 aka DP5 which is the last preview of Android 9.0. The VP of Android Engineering, Dave Burke posted in the official blog that the final version of Android P is coming soon and developers should make their apps to support API 28 nd fully compatible with Android 9.0.

The preview is very stable and appears near to the final build. In this preview, some modifications to the pixel launcher and bug fixes are the new features. In the
DP5, Pixel launcher isn’t showing Assistant-launching microphone button which was present in earlier previews. We see more changes in the public release of Android P.

Update on 7/8/2018 :
Android pie galaxy s9
Google officially released the ninth major iteration of Android on August 6th, the codename for Android 9 is Pie which is sweet and also simple. The OTA rollout for Pixel and Pixel 2 devices already starts and the official Android Pie Source code is available now in AOSP. So custom rom developers can cook their own roms based on Pie.

The update doesn’t feature App Slices and Digital wellbeing features and Google says they will come to Pixel devices by the end of the fall, but the Digital wellbeing Beta program is now available for Pixel and Pixel 2 owners to taste the beta version. Along with Google, Essential also starts the rollout for PH-1 flagship as early as minutes after the release of Pie. The Pie release date for Galaxy S9 and Note 8 is yet to be revealed.

We will update this post soon with more details about the Android P update for Galaxy S9 and Note 8.

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