Android 9 Pie for LG V30 and V30S ThinQ : Features and Release

Android p lg v30

LG launched the LG V30 flagship in August 2017 with pre-loaded Android 7.1.2 Nougat. The bigger V30+ flagship has been released in select markets like South Korea, Australia and India in December 2017 with the same android version that of V30.

Later in February 2018, at MWC, the South Korean tech giant launched the V30S ThinQ and V30S+ ThinQ flagships with awesome AI capabilities and these flagships run on Android 8.0 Oreo out of the box.

The next major android update for V30 and V30S ThinQ flagships is Android 9.0 P, since the V30 series received Android Oreo recently. In March 2018, the Search giant unveiled the first developer preview of Android P with many awesome features. In May, at Google I/O 2018, the first beta of Android P arrived.

Later, second, third and final Betas arrived with many refinements and stability also got improved. Finally on August 6th, the Search Giant released the official version of Android 9 with the codename of Pie. The release of Pie took place earlier than anticipated release date. The rollout for Google Pixel and Pixel 2 flagships begins already and Essential also starts the rollout for PH-1 devices.

When will Android Pie come to LG V30 and V30S ThinQ?

Android 9.0 p lg v30s thinq

As Google released the Pie update early and because of the advantage of Project Treble, LG most likely start the rollout of the Android 9 update soon for its flagships.

As the LG began the rollout of Android Oreo for V30 in South Korea after the beta testing in late-November 2017, this time also V30 may get the Android Pie in October 2018. In the US, the V30 users most likely receive the update in Q1 of 2019, as the carriers rolledout the Oreo update in states in Q1 of 2018.

The V30S ThinQ users in the states may receive the update along side the V30 users. The V30S+ ThinQ and V30+ devices probably receive the Android P update in Q1 of 2018, in some select regions.

The official rollout dates of Pie for LG V30 and V30S ThinQ flagships will be posted here as soon as LG announced them.

What new features coming with Android Pie ?

The Android P DP1 brought many new features like screenshot markup editor, dedicated screenshot button in power menu, call recording notification, Indoor navigation, HDR VP9 Video, HEIF image compression support, Neural Network API 1.1 and many more. Improvements to earlier features like Picture in Picture mode, Autofill APIs, Messaging style, animations are also present in Android P.

Screenshot Editor

Screenahot editor android p

This is one of the best features coming with Android P and also very much useful to users. By using the feature V30 and V30S ThinQ users can edit the screenshots instantly. After taking the screenshot, a notification with Edit option will appear in Android P. On tapping on the Edit option, the user can edit the screenshot with the Markup editor.

By using the four buttons in the editor, pen, highlighter, undo, and redo, users can easily transform their screenshots to great within minutes. Many refinements to the Markup editor may come in the upcoming previews.

Indoor Navigation

By using Wi-Fi RTT (Round Trip Time), Android P lets user to navigate indoor in supported devices. It is very useful to navigate inside large multi storey buildings and so on. With the feature, the accuracy of position will be improved upto 1-2 meters. According to developers, the feature has many applications in near future.

Improvements to Notifications

Google improved the notifications very much in Android 8.0 and 8.1 updates and now with Android 9.0, many interesting changes to notifications arrived. In Android P, the message or chat notifications appear with small previews and also images as previews. The Google Assistant powered smart replies also appear in the notification shade, so users can select an instant reply.

The user interface of notifications also refined very much. The new interface appears clean and gorgeous. The notifications will appear in both Light and dark themes in Android P.

Gesture-based Interface

Android p system navigation lg v30

Google totally revamped the navigation bar in the second preview of Android P, removes the App Previews button totally. Now in the home screen, only a pill shaped home button appears in the navigation bar. The redesigned back button will appear only inside apps when needed. To view app previews, users need to swipe up on the home button in the bar, in the Beta of Android 9.0.

The new navigation bar of Android P is receiving mixed reviews from Pixel and Pixel 2 users. However, it seems that most users are in favour of the new navigation system. Like in iOS, Android P lets users to use horizontal app previews instead of vertical previews in earlier android versions. 

The navigation bar in Android Pie also got revamped with new Back button in Chevron shape and Pill shaped Home button. Users can also revert back to old navigation bar with App Previews button through an option in the Developer Options in Settings Menu. Some users feel that new navigation makes split screen multi tasking difficult.

Update on 9/5/2018 :

A few hours ago, Google unveiled the first Public Beta of Android P at the I/O 2018 event. The Developer Preview 2 system images are also available on the official website for Google Pixel and Pixel 2 lineup. The Beta comes with many interesting feature like Android P AI support, Simplicity, Gesture based interface, Digital Wellbeing, Adaptive battery etc.

According to the installed Google Pixel users, the Android P Beta is working so stable and also suitable for daily use. The next developer preview and the fourth prevew will come in June, according to the roadmap released by Google earlier. In the 3rd preview, Google finalize the APIs, so developers can test their apps for Android 9.0.

Update on 15/7/2018 :

The Beta 3 cum DP4 of Android P update has arrived on July 2nd and already Google Pixel and Pixel 2 series devices received it. The Search Giant made many optimizations to the UI in this update and also included some tweaks to improve user experience. Overall, the preview is very stable and appears very near to the final build.

The UI changes in the Beta 3 include, removal background fill in the icons of Quick Settings toggles, Media volume sliders and Settings Menu. The shape of the back button has also changed from Triangle to Chevron. The lockscreen in DP4 displays upcoming events, so user can easily check them.

Update on 31/7/2018 :

Android p dp5 autorotate lg v30

Google released the final preview of Android P on July 26th and begins the OTA rollout for the registered Pixel and Pixel 2 series users. Dave Burke, VP of Android Engineering announced that this preview is the final one and features final system behaviour. So app developers can test their apps whether compatible with Display notch and API version 28.

Burke also mentioned that the public release version of Android 9.0 is coming soon, so most likely within a few weeks we will see the official version of Android P with codename. After digging the final preview, we have learnt that the preview is stable and features no major changes. The Assistant-launching Microphone button removed from the Pixel launcher search bar but may come back again in the public release with a new design. The design of the autorotate button in Quick Settings also changed.

We will update this article soon more details about Android P for LG V30 and V30S ThinQ.

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