Android 9.0 P for Nokia 7 Plus and Nokia 8 Sirocco : Release and Features

Nokia 7 plus android 9.0 p

HMD Global announced the Nokia 8 Sirocco and Nokia 7 Plus at MWC 2018 in February and released in April 2018. The flagships came with Android 8.0 Oreo out of the box and the next major update for these devices is Android 9.0 P.

Previously, the Nokia 8 Sirocco and 7 Plus devices joined the Android Enterprise Program, so will receive atleast two major Android updates, Android P and Q. At the I/O 2018, Google announced that along with Google Pixel lineup, Nokia 7 Plus is also included in the Android P Beta program. So the opted Nokia 7 Plus users started receiving the Android P beta build since the launch of Beta.

When will Nokia 8 Sirocco and 7 Plus get Android 9.0 P ?

Albeit, the beta is available for Nokia 7 Plus, it isn’t recommended for daily usage and the flashing of Beta is also a tedious process. So users have to wait till the official rollout of Android P through OTA to enjoy the new features of Android 9.0 P.

According to the roadmap released by Google earlier, the final build of Android P will come in Q3 of 2018. Most likely in mid or late-August, the Search Giant will pushout the final build of Android 9.0. Because of the Project Treble of Oreo implemented in Nokia flagships, future updates will be delivered quickly and also much easier for the manufacturer. So probably in September 2018, the Nokia 8 Sirocco flagship and Nokia 7 Plus devices will start receiving the upcoming android update. The confirmed rollout dates will be posted here, as soon as HMD Global announces them.

What’s new in Android 9.0 P ?

The key features in first developer preview, which was released in March, include Call recording Notification, Improvements to Picture in Picture mode, Screenshot button and markup editor, Indoor Navigation using Wi-Fi RTT and new Volume slider.

In the Beta cum second preview of Android P, Google added many revolutionary features, which are Adaptive Battery and Brightness, Gesture-based interface, App actions and Digital Wellbeing.

Gesture based Interface

Android p navigation nokia 8 sirocco

The Gesture based interface is a new feature which totally revamps the navigation bar, as the previous leaks revealed. Some users may think that Google followed the Apple’s iPhone X interface in Android P. Any how, Nokia 8 Sirocco and 7 Plus devices will get a new navigation bar with only pill-shaped home button with the Android P update.

To use split screen or multitask, users just swipe up on the screen as there will be no App previews button in the upcoming update. The back button appears only inside apps when needed and disappears later. The simplified Gesture interface will also reduce the screen burn-in due to navigation buttons in the Nokia 8 Sirocco flagship which sports pOLED display.

Digital Wellbeing

Android p digital wellbeing nokia 7 plus

At Google I/O 2018, the Search giant explained the features in Android P to deal with the problem of excessive smartphone usage and named them as Digital Wellbeing. Albeit, it contradicts with the Google’s Advertising and benefits, it seems that Google aimed at healthy smartphone usage.

The app timer and winddown are two main features of digital wellbeing. With app timer, the time spent by user on the specific app could be limited. Winddown feature is for the users who excessively use smartphone before going to sleep. It changes the display to greyscale automatically and reduces eyestrain and sleep problems.

Adaptive Battery

Android p adaptive battery nokia 7 plus

This is one of awesome features of the Android P Beta which reduce battery drain even upto 30 percent, according to Google. The VP of Android Engineering, Dave Burke, told at I/O 2018, Adaptive Battery feature works with on-device machine learning and identify which apps the user going to use in coming hours and the apps which are not going to be used and reduce CPU wake-up calls.

The beta users still figuring out how much battery, the new interaction of android is going to save, so in coming days more details about the Adaptive Battery feature will be revealed.

Improved Battery Saver

Google made some improvements to the stock battery saver feature which was arrived with Android Lollipop back in 2014. Till now, the Battery saver disables itself after plugging in, but after plugging off, the user must re-enable it manually if wanted. Now in Android P Beta, the Battery Saver itself turning back on after removing the charging cable, which is really awesome. So user doesn’t need to go through the Settings app to re-enable the battery saver after charging.

Lockdown Mode


The Android P update come up with a new feature named as Lockdown to tighten security on Nokia 7 Plus and 8 Sirocco devices. By using the lockdown mode, user can disable the fingerprint unlocking mechanism in the device and thereby prevent forceful unlocking and other means.

To use the Lockdown feature, user just have to tap on the Enter Lockdown option in the Powermenu. The option appears with different UI than the remaining options in the Menu, so we can easily identify it. After enabling the Lockdown mode, user has to use other unlocking systems like PIN, password or pattern to work the device again.

Update on 15/07/2018 :

Google released the fourth preview of Android P on July 2nd and we digged deep into its features. It seems that the fourth preview of Android P is very near to final version and stable enough. There many UI changes in the Android P DP4, background fill has been removed from icons in Quick Settings and Media volume controls. Upcoming events are again displayed on the Lockscreen, the feature was disable in the earlier preview. Other changes in DP4 include Call volume slider in Sound Settings, New gesture navigation slider and New back button.

Update on 25/7/2018 :

The Search Giant released the Android P Beta 4 aka DP5, a few hours ago. The major changes in the DP5 yet to be revealed. The factory images of DP5 are available for Google Pixel and Pixel 2 series devices and the OTA rollout also begins. Nokia 8 Sirocco and 7 Plus devices should receive the Android P Beta 4 in coming days, as part of the program.

Dave Burke, the VP of Android Engineering suggested in his blog post, the developers should make their apps ready for Android P. The latest Beta is very stable and near to the final release. The public release of Android P could come in third Quarter of 2018, most likely in early or mid-August. In the mean time, we will know more about the official codename of Android 9.0.

Update on 7/8/2018 :

Android pie nokia 8 sirocco
Yesterday, the Search Giant released the Android P official version with codename Pie, the version number is 9 not 9.0. Previous rumours claim that Android P would come on August 20th, but Google decides for an early release of Android. The latest iteration of Android seems to be very stable and free from bugs. The Pixel and Pixel 2 device owners are getting the Android Pie update through OTA and flashing factory images.

Nokia 7 Plus and 8 Sirocco devices should receive the official release of Android 9 Pie in a few days as they are partner devices. The official rollout dates of Pie will be revealed soon.

We will update this post soon with more details about the Android 9.0 P update for Nokia 8 Sirocco and 7 Plus.

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